How to clean dart board

Dartboards are a popular game enjoyed by many, but with frequent use, they can accumulate dirt, dust, and other debris. A dirty dart board can negatively impact the game by affecting the way darts stick to the board and reducing its lifespan. Cleaning your dart board regularly is crucial to keep it in good condition and improve your game. In this blog post, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to clean dartboard properly and ensure it lasts for years to come.

If cared for correctly, a dartboard may be used repeatedly for many years. Even though dartboards are relatively inexpensive, you should still take care of yours so that it lasts as long as possible. Dartboards have special cleaning needs according to the materials they’re built from. This guide will walk you through every stage of keeping your dartboard in pristine condition. The ubiquitous bristle board is also the most troublesome to clean. Most people think you can wipe these boards off with hot soapy water, but doing so can permanently damage the board.

Electronic dartboards may be wiped clean in seconds with a dry cloth, eliminating any dust or dirt buildup in the process. Soaking a wooden dartboard for 30 minutes to an hour in water and then drying it with a soft cloth or old toothbrush is the recommended method of cleaning. Manchester log end boards may be cleaned by removing them from water, hanging them for 30-60 minutes to dry, then wiping them down with a dry cloth and vacuuming. Since an electronic dartboard is the easiest to clean, you should practice doing so before and after each game. It is preferable to clean hardwood boards that are moist enough to react effectively to cleaning procedures. There are 30 to 60 minutes between when they are completely wet and completely dry.

There is no benefit to soaking a dartboard, and it might quickly damage the board in the case of a bristle dartboard. Avoid getting your dartboard wet at all costs, since there is currently no technology that would enable you to do so. When keeping your board in pristine shape, you only need a moist towel and an old toothbrush.

What causes a dartboard to fade?

A dartboard’s lifespan is affected by the frequency with which it is used. If you play darts once or twice a week, your board should last around five years. However, certain spots on the board could become worn out before others. For instance, if you constantly hit the bull’s eye, that part of the target will wear out sooner than others. A dartboard’s lifespan is significantly increased by regular cleaning and maintenance.

This is a dartboard, so why is it bulging?

The dartboard may expand if water is present. Water causes the dartboard fibers to swell and decreases their capacity to leave from the oncoming dart’s course. If you’re having this issue, you should get a new dartboard.

Advice on how to clean dartboard

Keeping your dartboard clear of dust is easy if you follow these guidelines.

Switch up the dartboard’s angle

Remove the number ring from the dartboard and then spin it. If the dartboards are regularly rotated, more of the surface will be exposed to impacts from fewer darts. Changing the orientation of your dartboard monthly can keep it in good condition for many more games.

Thorough wiping with a flannel

Get a clean, soft cloth, dip it in water, and wring off the excess. Use this soft towel to wipe the dartboard down. Keep doing this at regular intervals for at least five minutes.

Putting away the dust and dirt

A dartboard may be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. However, you should refrain from using a strong suction pressure with the vacuum. A dartboard’s pores may be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, allowing for better section visibility. It also makes the board’s surface smooth, which improves the darts’ grip. Although vacuuming your dartboard can save time and effort, most vacuum pumps do not allow you to adjust the suction pressure, making this approach unreliable. If your vacuum pump has this option, use it. Similarly, if you need to clean the cabinet that houses your dartboard, you may do it using this procedure.

Wood finishing liquid

Sisal fibers, the material most often used to make dartboards, gradually lose their luster and absorbing capacity over time, causing the boards to dry up and eventually crack and fade. After being struck repeatedly with darts, they also lose their ability to bounce back. If you use a liquid wood polisher to buff the dartboard, the dry darts will absorb some moisture again. Sunlight will do wonders for the surface when you’ve finished polishing it. Use a toothpick to probe the board’s character the next day to see whether it reclaimed any moisture. You may keep doing this until the toothpick is no longer dried.

Polishing with white gasoline

Soak some cloth in white petrol and then use it to clean the dartboard. You may also use white gasoline to clean your dartboard. White gasoline evaporates rapidly when exposed to air. White gasoline may clean the dartboard and maintain a smooth surface, contributing to a higher friction capacity. It also adds a shine that makes the dartboard appear like new.

Precautions to take when cleaning an electronic dartboard

Typically, electronic dartboards are crafted from plastic, and the darts used are soft-tipped. Put a dry towel on your hands and wipe the dartboard down. Make sure the cloth is dry since a moist cloth might harm the delicate circuitry under the plastic cover. Alternatively, you may use a cotton swab to wipe the board’s openings.

Cleaning a bristle or cork dartboard

When darts are withdrawn from a bristle dartboard, the compressed sisal strands spring back into place. Due to their inability to repair themselves, cork dartboards do not last as long as bristle boards. Similar techniques for cleaning dartboards made of cork or bristle may be used. Take apart the dartboard by removing the aluminum frame. The board’s surface may then be cleaned with a low-pressure vacuum cleaner or scrub brush. Cleansing the board in this way is certain to be successful. Wipe the board’s surface using a dry towel to remove any remaining dust. Drying out is a common problem with cork dartboards. Take a cloth that has been soaked and wring off the excess water. Put the moist towel over the dartboard and leave it overnight. The board will be fully hydrated and ready for use the following day.


Your dartboard will last much longer if you take the time to keep it clean and dry. Cleaning a dartboard properly depends on the materials it’s made of. It’s best to keep your dartboard dry since no technology will allow you to play when it gets wet. The durability of the dartboard declines with repeated usage. It’s safe to assume that a dartboard will serve you well for at least five years if you use it once or twice every week.

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean a dartboard is possible, but you should use less force with the suction. Sisal fibers lose their sheen and absorbency with time, leading to dry, cracked, and faded boards. Buffing the dartboard with a liquid wood polisher will cause the dried darts to reabsorb some moisture. Cork dartboards often crack due to drying out. Disassemble the dartboard by taking off the aluminum surround. After that, a scrub brush or low-pressure vacuum cleaner may clean the board’s surface. Both cork and bristle dartboards may be cleaned using the same methods.

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